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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

Very well done

That animation was pretty smooth and it was well drawn. It had a nice storyline I suppose so, good work.

Pretty Good

Very good i like how you combined 2D and 3D graphics in this.Reminds me of the a few missions from the Homeworld series of games.

good graphics but something felt vacant

The graphics were good but the fight scenes felt a little slow. I hate battlestar galactica so i guess i wouldn't like this one. But it was alright

...o_0 woah nice..

omfg Man how long did it take you 2 make this it was just plain awsome

Nice, 3D

It reminds me of a game I've been playing on my PDA, yes I am that cool. I like it though, although the ending seemed a little anti-climatic

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