Reviews for "The New Years Party"

That was funny as hell.

BTW scatman does he like scat sex or something scatman sounds like he likes poo or something.

lol ebbyyuebvyuebueeeeb, dude what are you talking about, IM A SCATMAN lol that made me laugh. good animation with such a small size nice work can't wait to see more.


dat was funny as hell but RIP> Friday, December 3rd at 6:30PM

LOL i loved this man!

We really need more animations like these on Newgrounds, they're hillarious, quick, and pretty easy to make (im assuming). All of it was great, but did anyone else find it strange that the guys buddys must have been 30 years older than him? nvm. Great job dude

dookiemoole responds:

made it in like 4 - 5 hours lol

10's all around!

For using Scatmans world!!! OMG that song was so bitchin!!!

Make more flashes

Make more flashes with that funny-ass voice, not the part where he's talkin gibberish, I'm talking about his casual voice.

"Dude, on new years, I swear to god this story is all true, I swear to god . . ."