Reviews for "The New Years Party"

reason for vilonce score

reason why i put an violence score is because the dancing was just plain disturbing to me! But overall this was a good flash...Keep up the good work!

Step the fuck back!

Hahah dude this was totally awesome. Your first one, it was, it was so funny, i always laughed my ass off, it wasnt the graphics. You show that you dont need to be an amazing flash artist to make people laugh. And here I can tell you've worked alot, and it looks a ton better, your gettin real good, so keep makin stuff!

dookiemoole responds:

heh looks like you reviewed the wrong movie!


This was made by Mindistortion.

dookiemoole responds:


seems unfinished

It was good but it kind of ended suddenly.. Kind of feels incomplete but it was good till the sudden end


ive seen this so many times, i even took screenshots and there on my wall.. hows that for fan service? zomg XD
keep it rockin albert

dookiemoole responds:

lol thanks