Reviews for "The New Years Party"

Response to rockdaparty's comments

To what rockdaparty said about this video: First of all, you should have read the guidelines for posting before writing that review, because you just totally dissed the author...I know I'm breaking rules here too by replying to your post, but I had to say it, 'cause I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking it...I will also put my thoughts towards the video in what I am about to say, so not totally breaking the rules. Dude, you have no respect. This video might not satisfy everyone's humour taste, but my friends and I thought it was hilarious, and I really appreciate it's simplicity. The whole point is that it's not supposed to have a point, so everything you said in your review contradicts what the author was trying to accomplish when he/she made this video. It's ok to have an opinion, but you were just plain out rude. Especially if you are an author yourself, you know you should have respect for other people's stuff, even if you don't like them. So next time you go to critique someone's work, try to at least be tasteful, 'cause it makes you sound like an a**...Not that the author seemed to care anyway, according to their response.

pure garbage

i'm going to be honest and i don't want to hurt your feelings but the truth needs to be said... it bewilders me how this has gotten the attention it has gotten... as the subject line of this review implies, this flash is pure garbage. it is cheap, mindless entertainment with no plot or higher meaning and even as that it does poorly. it has no plot structure and is extremely short. nothing is explained, nothing makes sense and it relies on shear shock value to attempt to get laughs. the funniest part of the flash is the song which was OBVIOUSLY not made by you, yet with out the song flash is worse than garbage. you're basically benefiting entirely off someone else's work. the characters are stereotypical, boring, and undeveloped. the graphics are boringly drawn. animation is just awful. really... you should definitely give the song credit in the description at the very least... if not you should repost this but instead of under "dookiemoole", create another account for who ever wrote the song, because this is THEIR work. the song is the only reason this has received the attention it has gotten and even that attention is astoundingly undeserved. don't take all this personally but it had to be said...
with love,
chris s

dookiemoole responds:

you know what...your right

im a phony



absolutely hysterical. great concept, great execution.

what just happened???

that was one of the most randomest things i've ever seen but it was f**king amazing !!!woohoot!!!


I loved it, i've been looking for Scatman stuff for awhile now, coz it just brings me back to my teens, i don't actually have any of his stuff, but listening to it is just great, hahahaha.