Reviews for "The New Years Party"


i was just searching around and found this, i laughed hard when i saw it, nice song selection to the vid, great job > D


Happy New Years! :D It may be two years late, but it seems I'm watching this animation at the right time anyhow, hehe. Good plot, goood graphics, good animation and a nice conept as well. I like the song too, lmao, keep up the good work!


like pro flash

stack to the max with ... lol


EVER. IN EXISTENCE. ive watch this vid for at least like, 3 years, and its still hilarious.
i swear this was submitted b4 '05.... ah well.

dookiemoole responds:

yea im gonna have to agree

i havent made a flash in years, but believe it or not im working on one right now
its gud.


Dude next time i tell a story I'm gonna do this kinda stuff while i tell it