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Reviews for "Zombehs"


your good at drawin the characters but put more time in the actual animation and plot. It was just dumb how they whacked the Zombies with shovels. Its been done in Shaun of the dead.

Also color would have been nice


Edd, you are fuckin great!! you should make this into a easter special


To see that this actually passed judgement was fairly interesting to me being that I just did not get the idea of this movie. "The Zombehs" come to Earth and try and destroy the Earth, I am with you so far, but speak with really poor accents and are drawn quite poorly in comparison to what they could of been. Each character was drawn with regular black, but was for some reason unfinished, several lines just did not meet with others and that tends to leave a big whole in the movie.



I've got to admit, that was pretty good. There were some flaws, but overall it was great.

that was good

I love watching movies with zombies I also enjoyed the voices. I would give this flash a 10 but you need to add some buttons like a replay, but over all great movie