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Reviews for "Zombehs"


oh my god???


I get the joke but what's up the the Japanese voice?

this suck

this is your only video tht sucks looks like little effort or little time put in it so next time u make a vid like this make it more like zombeh nation

i no there is alot of stuff with little effort or time put into it but i saw mindchamber's "with my minds madness" and it was done in 1 night for madness day

srry guys but im givin u a seven this time 4 lack of effort or time and the fact the animation and voice acting sucked

once again sorry =(

Oh Noes! What we do! I Dont Know, Grab a Weepan!

lol u guys sound like me, a mexican kid


A good first tier flash of yours edd cause though it didn't look too good on paper it was funny with the way they we're talking and the somewhat bashing on other Zombie films the way the people don't just run from them,nice job.