Reviews for "Taegukgi"


Taht was some nice stuff there, but I couldn't help notice that when an explosion hits it seems as if it were going frame by frame, on your next movie try and make it smoother otherwise good job!

"The best stickdeath of all time" - Rolling Stones

LOL that has to be the best stick death scene ever but since you like triogies (lotr and the matrix) then you have to make 2 more at least. I want this thing on my computer put your e mail in the aim section of your profile. (people can give you ideas and you can send the movie to people) please i already have a good scene for you to remake.


This is one of the best flashes I've ever seen in my life. I'm a great fan of stick movies, and this one is my fave. of all time. U really capture the feeling and atmosphere of war, and the sounds were what made it perfect. Truly an amazing work of art. The only thing is, make another one.


This actualy one of the best flash movies i've seen... The fact that it looks so fucking great is compisating that it is so short! Keep up the (very) good work!

2 words spring to mind DUCK AND COVER

Dude that was a fast paced sluater fest

13 days impossible

tough luck indeed for the last dude