Reviews for "Taegukgi"


this is probably the best stick animation i ever seen... i am confused... your just 13 and you are fucking grand master with flash!!! keep it UP!!!!

It kinda lagged even on low quality.

Other than that this is perfection.

Well that was beutiful

The animation was wonderfully smooth and the gunshots shook the screen, which i thought added a cool powerful effect.it had no humor in it but the action makes up for it. all in all i give it a ten.


Very impressive. Like the guy before me, make a game. You would compare to the Madness series if this continues. Awesome, man, awesome.

:\ < Daaaaaammmmmmmn.

That was heavy. Short, but heavy. It would be nice to see another war movie like that, only this time, make it five minutes and add some background music.
Very good job.