Reviews for "Taegukgi"

It's great

I really like any war movies, and this one wasnt an exception. although i wish it was longer, it had excellent background sounds. plus the stick figures always make a movie better.

War at its Finest Hour

Beauty.....astounding....blah blah blah
i would like to find some more words but nothing can come close to describe the hell-bent mayhem in this flash. i definity want to see some more of this......possibly even a game?


That was extremely kick ass!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!


This is the grand master of all stick fighters... excellent war sounds.. beautiful animation.. I would give it a 10 if it was a little longer than just that. Make a story and go with it. But great f**kin job anyways.


That was awesome ignore what those critics say especially alaster cause he probably didn't even watch it... Very nice shooting and good detail on the tanks and weaponry... and also the blood....ohhhh yesss i lliiiiiiikkkke theeeeee blooood....anyways you could have done better if you put more time into it but i understand cause school sucks @$$!