Reviews for "Taegukgi"


That was so great that im putting it on my favs as #1 ^^. Can't say nethin else but that it was another one of the greatest flash movies i have ever seen. Also it brings back sticks not using the played out kung fu stuff. Great Work!

damn it

I HATE TEASERS....please i got to see how it ends...i must


Simply amazing. Your great at making flash movies... Do you have a tutorial?


that was friggin awsome man do more of it lots more and it be cool if you made some game of it man that was awesome do more like it man is was so smooth and nice animation it was friggin awsome

omfg!! but......

.......them sticks!!!! if you made all of the objects you might have alsow made NORMAL solidgers<< this is the only thing that bothers me!! besides that its great