Reviews for "Taegukgi"


WOW this has got to be the best stick flash film that deals with war man keep this up and I can't wait for your next film.


If i payed you in cash, would you make more of these!?OH! and what was your FPS for this?


looking foword to seeing it continued


Im korean and Taegukgi was made into a korean movie be4 they made it into english anyways Taegukgi is the name of the korean flag... just telling just in case u didnt noe :) I liked it was awesome

Pretty Damn Good...

It was pretty good for a video of its type, the action was well planned, and well animated. The audio was definetly the highlight of this Flash Piece, truly an epic in Audio Sound Effects. The only problem I'd have to say is that it was really short. Keep up the good work, and give us another... hopefully longer though.