Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Excellent work

You've made something special in just 13 days. This is the type of stick animation people love. Well, next time spend a month making something like this and you could have something amazing. Good job.


that was awsome just too short
make more

nice work

this was a really good job, this is the blend between realistic war and corny sticks i love to see. i love this, despite it should be longer, and it wouldve also been cool to see those 203 'nade launchers in action, but still great.
good job.

this is fu----cking good!!!!

no comments on this one, toughLuck kicks assssss!!!

Very Very Nice

Hey! Great work dude, i love this, as has been said, few war movies pull off the stuff you can, this goes for all Taegukgi movies, they just keep getting better.

@ The Guy Two Reviews Down: You suck, it's a movie, people get killed by bombs bullets and all, so don't try to show you know everything, i can list all the parts of an AR-15 but i don't.

Back to the flash, anyhow, this is great work, as said by a guy a few down, belts, webbing ect would enhance the effect, but it's a stick animation, but the way the enemy soldiers lean over the wall at the start looked a little tacky, and the auto fire on the M16's sounded like rapid semi auto, if you meant that, that's good, but full bursts would sound way better.
Make the helmets slightly larger, so they don't look like baseball caps without the peak, but as said, having seen the other Taegukgi animations, it just gets better.

If you were to direct or make movies, you'd be a very rich man, or make games like this, either way really really cool, seriously, if you wrote script and scene plots for movies, you'd make alot of money, especially in the anime industry, but yeah, hope you do well in your future life, stay cool.