Reviews for "Taegukgi"

Oh my gawd.

Friggin awsome. I loved every second.

That was cool.

That was really good. The graphics were awesome and the sound was near realistic. Next time add a story or somethin like countrys that the sticks were fighting for.


Great animation
Compact files size
Sweet violence
Sound effects that didn't come from Counterstrike
Good fun

The only "beef" I had with this video was the pairing of a WWII era Panzer IV tank(not a Tiger, Concrete) with modern weapons. Being an animated short set in an unspecific world, this really wasn't a problem, but the history geek in me had to say something.


this is a very good movie that reminded me of brother of arms.
Really realistic the way the camera shook and everything.
A good piece of work well done...


awesome movie. smooth animation, insane graphics, killer sound. i had to put 10 for everything because it was so good, even humor, even if your movie wasnt funny.