Reviews for "Taegukgi"

very nice

the bullets ricocheting was a nice touch, sound was good. id suggest making them talk cuz atleast one guy is shouting orders during battle. plz make more cuz this was grate.

sucks to be the green guys....


the sounds were the best! they gave me the feeling of being here!
it was TOO SHORT! I know this taken you a lot of time (I use flash too) but it was shoooooort.
how did you do to shake the screen????? plz reply!!!!

the bullets going side to side and ricochetting on the tank were too slow... maybe doing them just one or two frames lenght will help the overall feeling.... but, look! y gave u a 9 ;)


this was great the only thing that let it down was the stick men

Pretty great

My only crit is that the bullets flying through the air/ricochetting off of things went a frame or two too slow. stretch out the lines more over less frames and you get a much more convincing (and exhillirating) effect.


talking bout ww2 man that was wicked