Reviews for "Taegukgi"

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Hi,You're right you did it good.
But mostly I likedit because YOU made it from an neutral perspective.
USA are not the good guys and Iraq are not the Bad, thats why you get my respect for this, please keep your work up.
You may refine your future movies if you make them less preformance eating(compressing some sounds and so on..)

Short, yet sweet

Excellent, Excellent movie!
But, this was way too short. Make a longer one next time.


Nicely done. You caught the intensity of a real firefight nicely with the trembling camera and so on, it gave a feeling of war, which I think was intentional :P

Nice work anyhow, you should make more of these, maeby take on some plotlines too, might bring more to the movies.


Short.. not a ral plot..
But is ok.
the graphics are awesome.. but unnecessarily heavy (resources consuming).
i like the dirt-on-the-lense effect. kinda pixelated. but is nice.
Nice job.


ToughLuck, you are brilliant

ToughLuck, you are an absolute genius. You have been my hero ever since your submissions to StickSuicide.
Keep up the magic.