Reviews for "Wrecked By Deja Vu (A->N)"


Beautiful song, extremly well done. very nice sound. a few times at the beggining it sounded like a buffering error but the rest of the song is incredible enough that any issues with it dissapear. keep it up

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Hehe, Renoak and I had a debate of the intro. I have it where I bounced a loop of the strings I performed (basically no reverb tails on the end and a little blip of silence on the end between the loops). Renoak liked that effect and I wanted to do the full intro to get rid of the silence. Eventually we'll have both versions, but Renoak decided to upload this version XD.

That might be where you're hearing a little blip. Thanks so much for the review! We should have more coming soon.

EDIT(This is Renoak here, lol) Hey. ya that was my idea to keep the loop style... so i'll take the blame on this. I felt it gave like a stuck record playing, yet flowing feel... i feel it complimented the idea of Deja Vu. But ya, this is just one days worth of work here and the fully mixed and mastered version will be available on an album later. I think we'll probably go with a straight string through instead of the loop feel, cause i dont think people are getting my intention...lol. Later, thanks for the review!

WOW..pretty NOICE^^

NGreat man!!...buts it's rather..classic-punk combo.I thin? anyway..THE LOOP IS AWESOME...K?

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Thanks for the review!


The intro gave it the tip it needed. IT's so powerful. In the future try to keep the combination of different sounds like the ones heard in this masterpiece. No doubt the best song I've heard!!!

good song

this song has a nice ring to it 10/10

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this.

Because of this song....

You are one of the 3 artists i like on Newgrounds. Nj.Nj. *claps*

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Hahaha, thanks!