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Reviews for "Weltling Dressup"


great dressing game because you play it not just dressing it but you want to find what kind of character you made like robocop,sadako,jakk, etc etc, and that's not it you can look some movies you might miss and maybe watch it you know? so i can that is a great game


Yay! The Weltlings!

I love this. I think it's neat how you came up with the idea of being able to dress them up as characters from movies. So it makes it a little more than your typical dress up game, which is a nice change. The graphics are, as always, wonderful, and the concept's more unique than what I've seen. =)

Vote = 5/5
Rating = 9/10


That levels the brilliant game that is Stinky Bean in oddness, but how about playability? Hell YEAH! It's easy and the bird is soooo cute. You truly have talent. I love Badlands!

Best dressup game ever!

Gawd the badlands kick ass!


The game was.. lol od..but could of cute