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Reviews for "Weltling Dressup"


Nothing new. Improve it.

Another great Dressup game!

Yes, dress-up games can be seen to be terribly by people nowadays, with people playing them and going "What the hell is this trash?" Back in 2003-2004 however, the Portal was rife with dress up games. You couldn't go a day without at least one game being submitted. And I hated all of them. Except these ones...

In the same style as Dead Baby Dress Up comes Weltling Dressup, a game which allows you dress the ugly foetus thing from the Weltling games in a variety of "colourful" outfits. Whilst this is fun for a few minutes and then quickly becomes boring, this dress up game tgries to assuage tis boredom by giving you the challenge of trying to dress up the Weltling as various movie characters. From Beetlejuice, to Robocop via Mankind (as the game shows he was in the Beyond The Mat documentary which WAS a movie!) the are 18 characters to find.

This makes the game last slightly longer, as you stop mix-matching your own crazy ideas to try and see if you can get them all. Which if you are any kind of horror movie fan, should be a piece of cake!


ppl hate dress up games. isnt anyone going to learn!?

wtf is that thing?!

god that thing iz u g l y! >.< and it getz boreing after liek 20secz btw

i can not seem to get it

i dont quite think of this as a helpful review: