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Reviews for "Weltling Dressup"




i made a loier that hase a chane saw

It was meh

only because I saw penheads thing and the cube from hellraiser

Okay, but flawed

Interesting, but honestly this could be coded for character detection better. I -know- I built Pinhead for example, but either it didn't like where I put the cube, or the clothing.. I couldn't get it to 'detect' I had done it. And that's not the only broken character.

The body section is also -extremely- jumbled. There needs to be some organization, it's very difficult to tell the clothing sets apart, much like the head section.

Other than that this is a rather awesome little dress-up, thanks guys!

WTf is this

That is creepy
that is not fun
this game is messed up and too close to "dead baby dress up"