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Reviews for "Weltling Dressup"


It took me quite a while to figure out all the characters and how to dress
them.....but hey,it was fun.......one of the best I've seen so far.

Good graphics,good theme and a wide choice of choices to choose from
to.......now,all we need is sound.

~Extra Comments~
Lol,a Sumara Weltling got ta look damn wierd in real life......

Till next time man,

plz..... where EXACTLY do the hat and cig go?

great game! the only good dress up game but where do they go?
plz? ive been trying for like 2hrs...


I did it. I'm so cool...The first one i made was Samara and i was sooo amazed that u included her. Love that movie...And besides...i did experience trouble doing the 'fear and loathing' guy and leatherface, but just drag the stuff around if u can't get it right. :) Love the drawings, the bonus stuf :)) and the fact that the game has a purpose other than just plain hentai like most dress-ups.
Hey Edmund...luv all ur work...keep it up...u never cease to suprise me :)


Awesome game but i just need help with two people leatherface and hunter s thompson where does the yellow saw and cig go? Please help! I really want to get to the secret characters!

i did the full version and even got the secrets

the secret people are
caulder from diverge-scruffy face w/ black hair and black skull shirt
edmund from thisisacryforhelp-spiky hair and a black shirt with camo pants
alien hominid-yellow body w gun and yellow hear w black eyes
gish from gish-black thing w/ yellow eyes
danielle from meangirls-black hair w blond highlights and red sweater
and the normal people are
captain spaulding-patriotic clown face with old patriotic clown suit
beetlejuice-striped shirt with white and black face and crazy hair
pinhead-spikey face with black outfit (blood on it) and a box (on chest)
the gimp-black leather body and head w red dot in middle
kakihara-blond hair w lip rings, reddish suit and sticks
jason-hockey mask w blue shirt and machete
freddy-hat w/ bloody face and striped sweater
mick foley-brown mask w/ silver studs and white shirtw/black tie
hunter s. thompson-hat w/ glasses multi colored shirt and cig.
ash-brown hair with blood splotches, red saw and blue shirt w/ gun
elivra-hair and makeup and the dress w/boobs
robocop-robotic head (NOT black) silver robotic body
pee wee-black hair w/ cheekdots, and greysuit
sumara-dirty robe w/ green face and black hair
chucky-redish brown hair, overalls and knife (not machete)
leatherface-yellow saw butcher apron, and stiched up face
jesus-robe and long hair with a yellow circle
the dude-beard w/ glasses and purple shirt w/ jacket
hope this helps