Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"

you gotta stop tryin

alright this is what #5 TODAY? if its not good the first time its just gonna keep sucking

Good art, but still ultimatly lame

Save the smoochy-mooshy for your mama.

The art was good.

But the animation blows. Try again.


SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY! Isnt it about time you took a break and went and saw your therapist again, it seems the medication your taking is starting to lose its potency, you need to get on something stronger.


How have they not banned you from putting more flash on NG. Your stuff truly is awful. I'm not certain how they don't get blammed or removed from the site. These "Epic Kiss" things are utterly pointless... 'let me waste a couple minutes of my life watchin two static heads flot towards each other and kiss while music plays'... yeah, great concept when its part of an emotional scene in a flash or movie, not such a great idea when lacking a premise and/or plotline. Please please please do something other than crap for once.


As I said, I am a yaoi fangirl, and this is what I have to say and I have to agree with the people that gave you 0:
What the fuck? Sure, the drawings are nice and the music is pretty good sounding, but this is just plain stupid and pointless. Being a yaoi fan, I take this a bad example to represent yaoi fans. No purpose or plot in this animation, or worse, NO SEX INVOLVED! Yaoi=more sexual contact with boy/boy.
And a Sesshomaru cosplayer kissing Piconjo. How wrong and idiotic. Its like all the others for crying out loud! C'mon, think of something better! >.<
In other words: think of some better stuff, I can't animate, but I know that this definately deserves a 0 to how pointless this is!

T3h YA-Chan is done. End of my review.