Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"


leet it was sure an epic day today maybe there will be leik an epic confession lolomfg111

I <3 these!

I try to never miss a single episode because they're so great! And in case anyone who hates them hasn't noticed by now, these are UNSTOPPABLE! You cannot defeat them, so stop trying!! These are great and I still <3 each and every one of them and always will.

BTW: Great idea for a background, it really set the mood.


Piconjo, is my hero. he is the greatest.........i cant stop laughing!!


It's got Sesshoumaru in it. Plus, the theme song from the fourth season of Inuyasha " Every heart " You are so aswsome right now, words can't compare. This are turning out to be some of my favorites. The background isn't a cheery as the rest, but it's cool.


i like this

Im BYsexual so Get Piconjo off Sesshoumaru-Sama LOL