Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"

Yeah! Another Protection Point!

Even though these kissing flashes are perhaps the most ridiculous, stupid, lame, boring, asinine, etc. flashes ever! Everyone seems to love them!! Despite my better sense to vote to blam it, I vote to protect it... and I get the point! YEAHH!!

Zero's all around!!

I am going to tell you why I voted it low

Hi dude, arent you tired by submitting a blunch of similar flashes on the same day?

that was really bad

I gave it a three because i am greedy and wanted the extra "point" becasue i know its going to stay in.

you degrate Lord Sesshomaru you bad person.


someone seeds to make an epic kiss where you and my ass meet in the center

That's IT!!!

What kind of glue have you been sniffing? When someone says stop, IT MEANS STOP!

This stuff is shit!

Guy: Do you think Piconjo is gay?

Other Guy: 5/5 for that question!

Did you ever take the time to think that nobody likes a flash about two guys kissing? You will get so banned from Newgrounds as many people are going to report this crap to the staff.

Piconjo = Pissconjo

I swear, I can't stand a single second more of this bullfuck! If you want to make a decent kissing flash, at least make John Kerry the victim!