Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"

wth man

Dude, y do u keep making these eps where they kiss? Its so fukin pointless.... Where is the action? I mean make some ppl kiss yea but not like this shit.. Make a dam story worth watching rather than an annoying music and Sloooooooow ass movements.... i mean who'd watch this whole thing to he end at that pace?


that sucked real hard. you sucsefully drew a total of "2" charaters and had them slowly move closer to eachother yet still pulled this piece of shit up to over 1meg! woah leran flash dude really! u get a 0 on graphics b cuz ne one with photo shop can pull that out of there ass i less then an hour! boo stop making these kissing shit flashes

Good art, but still ultimatly lame

Save the smoochy-mooshy for your mama.

The art was good.

But the animation blows. Try again.

wow you people are sad

Dont you see that this guy has just ripped you all off? he has just copied all the other of his kiss crap just changed a character and the background.

You go voting high for this crap when you vote 'Human Robot' bad.. atleast Human Robot is a good flash, it tells you something.. it showes you something and it god damn well proves something! other then 2 people slightly edging towards each other!

you sad sad people!

This is crap

How any one could vote higher than a zero on this is beyond my understanding. It took the two characters 1 minute and 15 seconds to kiss. WORTHLESS!!!