Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"


Ya know, I remember constantly accusing you of being in league with Picowhatever, if not an alternate account for said person.

Can't say my impression has changed much! :)

But anyhoo.. a little slow, but cute. Actually laughed when I saw the tear. Was this inuyasha? I rememebr watching that a couple years ago, cool cartoon.

You can obviously draw, maybe next time something constructive? Later!


what is so speciall about these? i mean really, whats so great. i like the music but i mean come on! its the same shit youve seen over and over again! grow up people, jeez!


Wasnt this posted earlier today also?



What is this, the 16th time?

C'mon. All you ever do is take the last one and mess with it , change the title from the last number to the next, and resubmit it.
Make something useful for once.