Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"


I think it has been said enough...

Stop this insanity :D

This is growing tiresome for obvious reasons...

Look, man, you can try to justify this flash all you want. Here are some irrelevant points that one could use to award this the title of acceptable, even good, flash:
1. The graphics are good. Okay, so what? So you can spend a certain amount of time on one picture and it end up looking good. Whooptie-do. Animate your movement and show some work involved in the animation itself. Just about anyone can end up with the results you have after about an hour (for a maximum of the general populous). Your art is umimpressive, not only that, repetetive, but more on that later.
2. This flash has a purpose. Maybe, but it is conveyed in a childish, unimaginative way. I see two possibilities, the original making fun of Legendary Frog or you're just doing it to spite people who say, "Fuck u piconjo ur the gay 1 jealous piece of shit!" Whichever one it is, you do not respond intelligently. Even if you're not jealous of Legendary Frog and are using poking fun at him as a South-Parkesque kind of omage, you don't do it well. Try doing a flash in his style to symbolize why you hate him (or like him). He has a distinct style. Also, consider intellectual comedy, anyone can curse or say "ur gay, omfg pwnzd" but it takes someone exceptional with a point to come up with something comical. Now, it is a possibility that you incapable of this kind of intelligence, in which case I pity you. I don't know if you should stop, but maybe try to do something intellectual. If you are just pissed at those who say you suck, I guess you are already using the best way to get back at them. But aren't you bored having no variety and doing the same pointless, midless dribble 16 times?
3. It's got good music. Did he write it? No? Then this statement is already irrelevant.
Please, just consider doing something else. It's a waste of your time (we have the ability to choose not to watch it). And consider what I said for your future projects. You don't have to stop making your points (if you have any), but you should try making them intellegently.



Isn't he a guy?


leet it was sure an epic day today maybe there will be leik an epic confession lolomfg111


sesshoumaru kissing piconjo? Wtf yaoi bullshit