Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"

This gave me a boner!


These can be a masterpiece if they had animation.

This was just like the last movie; just a slow tween of some statues that happen to look like people with as little animation in as much 'lovey-dovey' music as possible. I hate these movies because they drag on and on ...... and on. And it's such a shame because these look great (the ONLY reason it's getting a 2, plus 1 for the music, take away one for two guys kissing) and if they had animation, I would realise you do have talent.

Less slow, gay, pussy boreathons and more animated movies with a purpose. Gay kisses aren't even the start of my complaints.


SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY! Isnt it about time you took a break and went and saw your therapist again, it seems the medication your taking is starting to lose its potency, you need to get on something stronger.

no matter how many times you submit somthing like.

this im gonna vote 5 , because piconjo is cool ..... btu why i she kissing dudes /??


dude, for real, just tell me this is your way of getting back at newgrounds because the flash art you actually tried to do some actual work on didnt make it to the top, and that you have everyone you know make multi-accounts, along with yourself, to get you epic kiss series to survive a blamming, so you can laugh to yourself thinking that someone will probably watch all of the epic kiss crap you make and then wonder why its all so much the same. besides all that, this is just my random time to respond to some nobody who all of a sudden decides to pull some crap on the portal to get all the newground viewers riled up. enjoy your 15 minutes, because after this stunt, you'll never honestly be liked again, look at the clockcrew, the og bullshit artists, they still have tons of clock haters, even now that they started making good flash, and you probably hope that you can attain their status with your flash depicting wade fulp as a nazi or this endless stream of crap called epic kiss, sorry to say dude, that position is filled and all your doing is wasting your life making shit that people dont want to see. hell, only reason im writing this review is so that i can look back on the reviews ive wrote and say wow, that guy didnt last long