Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 16"

A joke is a joke, but come now

You've got talent Piconjo, but come on dude, you can do better! Come on, prove everyone wrong that you can do things better!

Why you all diss Piconjo?

This was good even though it was pointless. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more!


How have they not banned you from putting more flash on NG. Your stuff truly is awful. I'm not certain how they don't get blammed or removed from the site. These "Epic Kiss" things are utterly pointless... 'let me waste a couple minutes of my life watchin two static heads flot towards each other and kiss while music plays'... yeah, great concept when its part of an emotional scene in a flash or movie, not such a great idea when lacking a premise and/or plotline. Please please please do something other than crap for once.

I <3 these!

I try to never miss a single episode because they're so great! And in case anyone who hates them hasn't noticed by now, these are UNSTOPPABLE! You cannot defeat them, so stop trying!! These are great and I still <3 each and every one of them and always will.

BTW: Great idea for a background, it really set the mood.


grrrrrr... dude man ng doesnt need ur filthy waste. stop clogging it up, all you've got is just a lot of friends on ng so whenever you send something they just vote 5. WHY DONT YOU DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND STOP MAKING THESE CRAPPY MOVIES