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Reviews for "Random Time Trial #1"

not too bad at all guys.

it was pretty damn random, but the overall result wasnt too bad id say.
but why weren't Konichiwa21's and Xstatic's movies in the 'play all as music video' option??
anyways, overall the graphics were pretty good, the music was good (but no sound effects) and it was pretty funny i guess.

Barney was delicious

the TT with barney and the little kids was awesome. The rest were ok and you guys did go for a time trial


hey if that was your voice i think your relativly young which means you havnt had as much exp as others so in that instance Great Jon :)


decent graphics... some of them seemed rather random... nice music for that one movie... animating was cool on the barney one. hmm.. these are really short movies but decently animated and decent choice of music. hmm, definitely looks better with all the animations together, not bad.. but could be better.


It was above average for a time trial..but they were very short parts and the graphics of some of them were o..it was totally random, but not that random....I liked Xstatic , alteregoz and reviewmonsters parts.