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Reviews for "Random Time Trial #1"

too good for words

THe FBF's were outstanding but Alteregoz truly is king!


You should make more of these cus they were preaty intersting , i dont remember anyone making a flash with a couple of people making a flash each in one, so damn cool , keep up the good work and make moreee

short and sweet

I like things like this, personally i cant bear watching those long (5-6 mins +) serious animations with lame storylines (ex. - moonlight -no offense to author or fans - good animation and serious effort, author is obviously skilled - but i frankly found it boring).
However, this movie bears an uncanny resemblence to the famous, world-renowned "daily toon". In fact, this is like a really really good version of the daily toon. I would love to see this become a new daily flash collection of shorts. It might even be every 2 or 3 days even since this kind of thing cant be crapped out as easily as daily toon.


Yeah, that was funny! Cuccos or kumas er whatever to whoever made that! It made me happy!

I love this.