Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 15"

I <3 Piconjo

At first i was like "wow, that was time out of my life that i will never get back." but then i thought, i dont want to see a newgrounds without piconjo. Way to go piconjo.


I really liked this movie. Even though it was prettu homoerotic. Ick.

You wanna know why these keep getting passed?

Because you have lots of fans that love seeing the same thing over and over again.

Just like IllWillPress LOL


Piconjo.. he did it! he did the kiss... not just any ordinary kiss.. "the epic kiss". the song was a little annoying... but seeing the guy cry is always fun to watch... since when has piconjo been kissing boys too? that's gross... next time have a girl kiss a girl... make a girl named Piconja and she can be Piconjo's sister.. hehehe nice.


Ina nutshell... 2 headsmoving together in slow motion.

Looking at your other submissions, your artwork is amazing, prehaps... you could put it to better use?

There was somthing extremely funny about the whole thing though.