Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 15"


Another win. You must have huge balls to do the epic kiss with all your friends.

@Yoink so it's ok for a girl and another girl to kiss but not this? Srsly no.

no one has reviewed for EVER

Message me if u review next!


Onizuka is in this one, nice. And the GTO theme music too, that is super cool. I'm so glad that you've decided to do this anime run, cause they are just rocking my socks. And a background of a classroom. lol Matches up with Onizukas situation in the anime/manga series.



Piconjo.. he did it! he did the kiss... not just any ordinary kiss.. "the epic kiss". the song was a little annoying... but seeing the guy cry is always fun to watch... since when has piconjo been kissing boys too? that's gross... next time have a girl kiss a girl... make a girl named Piconja and she can be Piconjo's sister.. hehehe nice.

I'm really digging that song.

Although this flash is completely unoriginal and boring, that song fucking rules!