Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 15"


OK stop makeing these series. All the series is that Piconjo and anouther guy/girl is kissing every time. so why do u think we like the series? Well just to let u know MOST THE PEOPLE HATE THIS BECAUSE IT IS POINTLESS! Also the series are makeing Piconjo act gay. I hate these series because that are a rip off and gay, AND NO THE SERIES WONT STOP AT 100, THEY WILL STOP NOW!!!

P.S. make something better than this crap.

your not even trying anymore...

this is crap...even for you...and man, is that some super devolved piece of crap...

That was lame as a minnow sized dildo for a blond!

you suck... you keep making the same crap just with diff backrounds... and its really disturbing.

U make no sence so stop maikng flashes

i dun get it

so far all of these epic kiss things are all the same!!!! two guys in slow motion moving towards each other going to kiss and thats it!!! so what i dun get is how this is getting such good reveiws when the only thing iv noticed that ever changes is the backround. it doesnt make sence. iv noticed that uv sent in !!3!! of these epic kiss flashes within the same hour. now either u allready had these made and ur just submitting them little by little or ur one hell of a fast artsit. either way i just dont see any point in this or any of ur other ones


Omg. Make a 16!! LawL RoflMaOµk!!