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Reviews for "Avoid Posidon's Wrath"

good job

Good Job, but there is a bug. If you keep hitting jump after you die you stay alive and the time keeps going.


nice game..at 1st i only stayd alive for bout 50 seconds..then i found the glitch where u can just stand on the edge...hehe...i left it goin for i dont no how long...even as i type this its still goin...im currently at 6250...b'sides that glitch...it was a good game


So simple, but so fun. I lasted 64 seconds.

Pretty Cool

Really bro, i think you made it, the game is simply great, a little bit more of ammo in the weps would not hurt, but it's very cool as it is.

Gratz, i wish to see more good works coming.


did paseidon got angry on that project dude + i like the music