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Reviews for "Avoid Posidon's Wrath"

You want to keep playing even if you lose

I just makes you mad that you lost so easily and you keep playing simple as that.Graphics and sound were good except there should be a level thing were with each level the platforms grow smaller and the wave comes faster and maybe strike multipe places at once.


but....u spelled poseidon wrong....which was VERY sad

i cant do it =S

lmao, i may suck at this game but it doesnt change the fact that this game kicks ass...

iy was alrite i gess

Too many glitches. U should read the other revews b4 this one. Too many ppl r complaining bout the glitch where u fall down and press up an the seconds will go up as though ur alive. Ive never knew that that could happen but the revews spoil everything. Great job though. I enjoyed some of it.

i like how he pulls out the fring pan

and then i died because i was laughing