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Reviews for "Avoid Posidon's Wrath"

Way too damn hard.

What's the point? You stay alive for two seconds, then the sea kills you. Plus, if you do manage to stay alive for at least fifteen seconds, it gets boring.

A dark day in thing thing history

I didn't think that the game itself was bad but it is just that they called it a Thing Thing game which is wierd. All it had to do with Thing Thing was the actual Thing Thing character. They should have called it something else because for a second I was actually exited to play another Thing Thing game.

Besides that,
It isn't a bad idea for a game.


Movie? This is more like a game than movie , so y does it says up there watch this movie when its really more like a game?

Meh heh

Simplicity usually dosent equil success on the portal, but this was one of the rare ones that contridict that steriotype, good little game wasson, i enjoyed it. Also, is that wink?


!!!!!!!!!!! but not nicest