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Reviews for "Avoid Posidon's Wrath"


This is a really cool idea. i like how detailed the water was, you did a very nice job with the graphics. very detailed and the lightning was a good extra distraction to have. It had a good concept of trying to avoid the water and moving from one platform to the next. nice job.

Wasson responds:

YoinK, I think I just fell in love with you, you're the first person who reviewed to realize it's a MINI GAME. Hahaha, even if you do have a 10 foot neck.



in still winning as i type this.. glitchs are fun!

not bad

I encountered a bug.
While moving around a bit, I managed to stand on the very edge of the 1st platform, and the wave doesn't hit me.

Cool but not cool enough

This game was a bit boring considering it had 3 commands, 3 platforms and only one enemy, if you added in a few things likes moving platforms, earthquakes etc. it wud be a decent game. The graphics were crisp. Summary: This game has alot of potential but did not live up to it.

There is a bug, just stand on the right of the platform and waves cant get ya.

Fun game

It WOULD be fun to play if poseidon attacked the entire platform, as you can just stay on the right side of the left platform and you will never get attacked.