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Reviews for "Avoid Posidon's Wrath"

screw this

sorry didnt like it one bit
i found it to be too simple (not easy simple but simple)

super game

really good ! i really liked it

Decent game

This game is fun for a while, but it just doesn't really have any goals... maybe if you made unlockable features for staying alive so long... or a personal high-score feature, it would be better. The graphics and style were nice, but that thunder sound constantly going on in the background was pretty annoying, as was the fact that you have to select PLAY two times after every time you lose.


As Angel-ov-Death mentioned, there's a tremendous glitch,
( tapping up repeatedly after you get hit by a wave allows you to stay in the game while still racking up time points... ) might wanna fix that ^^.

Great but theres a glitch...

When you die or whatever, if you keep pressing up you stae alive. (doesnt matter though because the game goes NOWHERE!!!! (thats the only problem with it(good game though(Look a topic inside brackets insidebrackets inside brackets inside brackets))))


its ok