Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 12"



GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:

piconjo <3 <3 <3 <3 j00


I never would have seen that one coming!! This is a muct see for Epic Kiss fans everywhere!! Man, that was crazy, I <3 these things!! Keep up the good work, 5/5!

GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:


piconjo <3s j00

forget kising i want to...

secks piconjo in some hardcore ghey buttsecksing with his massive piconjer sized penor much loef to teh piconjo

Azrag <3 Piconjo

make an epic kiss with me in it. LOL. But hey these are funny and easyly made so make more cause they turn me on.

Berserk Rules

This was really good, I'm a big fan of Berserk so the music really did it for me, and the animation was quite good as well.