Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 12"


it was funny the first, second and third time, but this is kinda discusting already, piconjo0 is cool fo sho

More of the same...

This is getting quite redundant.



GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:

piconjo <3 <3 <3 <3 j00

that was absolutely horrible

stop with these gay ass movies, you can draw well now stop wasting your talent and make a damn good movie already!!!! how bout a movie with a point?????????? and a plot??????? and just some purpose!!!!

Fuck you all

You all suck not giving these flashes zeroes! They don't deserve to be on NG! They are stupid, wastes of time, worthless, meaningless, pointless bullshit! I swear, you better start rating these a zero. People... I'm being serious. Just take a look for a second. What do you see? Two pictures in a background closing up to each other! It doesnt even sound like a kiss to me, god dammit! My point is, these are 0/5 projects, enough said.