Reviews for "PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 12"


You've submitted the same crap 12 times in a row changing the faces, music and backgrounds, but its still the same boring crap that makes me want to go out and kill something to repent the sin of watching this. It was ok once, but that's it. Not only that but your "piconjo <3 j00" is the kind of stuff I would expect from a whale loving hippy, or that brain dead strawberry clock. Or both. And don't bother arguing, because I'm always right.

GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:

i got j00 email saying how j00 are sorry and j00 have found teh <3 piconjo has showed j00. but teh part where j00 told me how j00 have anal with LF, that was teh ghey.

piconjo pwns j00


Dumb. Too long. I see the anime parody you were aiming for, but it sucked. Mostly because you tried to imitate a Japanese art using nothing save your ass. And the music sucked.

Not Your Greatest

This is probably one of your weaker efforts, but I love Berserk. I'm glad you finally got Gattsu. Nice tear animation by the way.

Piconjo is sad? Ahh... that's too bad...

Then just let him commit suicide then and get him off of freaking NG already!!!!!

YOUUUUU SUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Piconjo <3's jOO? To reply in your retarded language, Piconjo suXorz!


where is PICONJO: epic suck?