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Reviews for "Dress my Babe V"

it was exelent.

really nice job. But after i beat the first game using the cilitch i can't so the next game. So I'll never find all the secrets, well in aobut a day or so, there's going to be a post on it in the "where is/ How to" sectio of the BBs.

Wow Great!

I found everything except SET5 anyone know where it is?

OMFG lol

lol ive yet to hear anyone tell anyone to press TAB to find these secret buttons... when you press tab all buttons SHOULD highlight each time you press it. And there ya go games unlocked hurray!!! lol i gotta admit this one was quite amusing lol

liked the sythe:)

nice. i liked this it was cool.

Very good job.

I was absolutely surprised. I'm usually really good at those puzzle type things, but I just could not get this one! Bah! Help...?