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Reviews for "Dress my Babe V"


Hey I like this dress up game, the only problem was i couldn't find all of the secrets i found the boob one the hand one the fucking machine one the pussy whip and boob whip one... thats about it. Can anyone else tell me how to get the other ones? Thanks.

i just dont like games like this

i mean, ur dressin cartoons, seriousli its nasty, but u put a lot of stuff in it and effort so ill give u a 3.5/5, dressin real girls is better, id give u a 4/5 then........


ok first off u have great artwurk skills but why waste them on this? it has awsome animation but its a crappy dress up game and aloso ITS BEEN ON THE FRONT PAGE FOR YEARS! get it off so sumthing actually woth doing can come



It's a shame you don't apply your graphic and programming skills to something more progressive. This may be the epitome of dress-up "games" but it's just banal, kid stuff. It's like playing with dolls. Your grawings are beautiful and you have actionscript knowledge.. Why not animate them into a story with a plot or an actual game? Sure it's an easy portal award but it's just so feckless and juvenile. You have more potential than this kind of vapid offal.

Great Job!!

The girl was hot!!
I would like to fuck her anyday.
Good job on everything, but i didnt like the whipping..
Especially when you whip her boobs blood squirted out..