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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"


Upside-down Dr. Mario? o_O

fun for nearly everyone

no doubt your good at programming but your a little boring, sorry. i know you are making quality games so you get all my 5's.


no music, no funny voices? Boring boring boring. The key to a good video game is to keep the player entertained. This game didn't have enough to keep me entertained. I thought it was a good game, but it was missing that enjoyment that I love to feel when I play games. Add some upbeat music, or a stupid little "GO!!!!" Before the levels or something to make this a lot more fun.

yea one little problem

yeah the one problem I found with it was the fact that the orbs werent the same color as displayed on the bottom, so there was no possible way to set up groups of four, fix that and you got yerselves a good game.

Good game, with some issues

I thought this was a good Dr. Mario-type game, but there were a few problems that keep this game from greatness.

1. The red guidance laser needs to be on ALL the time, otherwise it takes to long to figure out where the blocks are going because you must stop.

2. This game has very little sound in it. It really should have some decent music (that can be toggled) and more sounds.

3. This isn't really a problem, but it would make the game much better. The game should have funny intermissions every 5 or 10 levels to make the game feel more rewarding (Dr. Mario had something like this).