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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"

Good game, needs some work

It's a GREAT start, and with a little more work could really be a cool game. I think it needs some additional sounds, and perhaps a timer or something. There's no sense of urgency. It's like "Hey these mutant alien things came over to my home base for tea, and while they wait on the other side of the room I'll kill them all." =)
Keep at it and with version 1.5 I'm sure it'll rock!


This was good, but i found that the controls were a little slugish and there wasnt a whole lot to hear. Try harder and youll get it rite.

Thanks a lot...

...for wasting 2 hours of my time! This was good fun! The later levels (13 and up) really start getting challenging. But, uh, yeah... it really needs more sounds.

I was going to bash this game relentlessly, until I came to a realization.

I am gorgeous.

I was so taken by this fact that I thought about myself for several hours, and completely forgot what my complaint was.

Nice work!

It's a new concept for a game!