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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"


This is a bad copy of Dr. Mario for NES. This needs music, and faster gameplay to even try to compete with Dr.Mario

great game but...

Try using colors that are less similar to each other in the same level, you see I'm lightly color blind and in level 1 and level 6 some of the color are almost exactly the same for me, making this game almost unplayable. I really enjoyed the gameplay but for the above reason I cannot give this game a 5.

PS: there are a lot of color blinds out there, most games take this into consideration.

more addictive than crack

err well u know what i mean this game is my new crack of puzzle games, i hope u have a sequel in the mix can u add rock and roll and heavy metal music options next time?

other than the sheer addictiveness of this game
nothing is less than perfection

thanks for making this


This game was totally boring. I was so tired after like 2 minutes. Its unoriginal and boring. It was done ok enough but was crappy to play.

Decent puzzler

It's OK to play, I just found it to be a bit unoriginal and easy early on. Good for a quick game but loses appeal quickly.