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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"

needs help

You need to give instructions on the game so people know what the object of the game is.


Dude. First off: MAKE AIMING IT EASIER! You have to have pin-point accuracy to get somewhere. Second: Controls were a bit weird. The concept was great ( but Style was marked down because you have to aim it perfectly right, otherwise it'll slow you down greatly. ) Overall, this definetly needs work done on it.

It got so boring

To me its like a worser version of bubble bobble you have to work on this ame because it gets really boring seriously.


I was disappointed with this game's outcome. The visuals were decent, but the music felt uninspired and the gameplay felt like as if it was designed for 3 year olds.

Not bad

This game kinda reminds me of Dr.mario on Snes or was it Nes? I can't really remeber about it but the game is preety addictive. Maybe you should and more special blocks to and more stages too. great job