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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"

brings back memories...

i remember when i used to spend about 40$ a day on weekends playing this and drinking cold ones ....good times..thanks for reminding me man

it's a really cool game but..

could you perhaps make a function with different shapes or something so colorblind can play it too (i can't see the difference between the green and yellow ones!)

it's a good game though!

Quite Inventive

I honestly didn't think you could mix space invaders with dr.mario but holy crap, I guess you can! On top of that it really does play quite awesome. Just wish for a mute so I could play my music while playing. hint.hint

It was pretty decent, except....

The music didn't seem to fit extremely well, But other than that, It's really not half bad!

it was ok...

it wasnt a masterpiece but it was a good game none the less... a