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Reviews for "ChromaBlast"


This game kinda reminds me of Dr.Mario and Yoshi (for gameboy) but it is a good game way to go


Just like Dr. Mario and other games man...and it has the laser to aim!!!! I love it!!!! wtg.

Not Bad

You should edit ur chains so u have to et the same colours or every1 needs to have an alien and u could have some sort of combo bar on the side and if u fill it up u have a timer to make another set and then u get lee and less time and when u don't make it u get a bonus for however far u get.
Just my thoughts

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Dude this game is awesome. Plus, I nabbed the high score w00t and made it so u have to get atleast 10000 something to get on the high scores yes! w00t im happy. But dude awesome game thanks for making it. oh yeah im ABS on the boards w00t.

Lacks Hooks

I played the first 12 levels before getting bored with it. There were one or two themed levels, like with only one or two different colors of aliens, or where the aliens dropped much faster than normal, that were fun. The rest were just same ol', same ol'. SUGGESTION: Every level should have a hook--something new that sets it apart from the other levels. These help keep the game fresh.

I jumped ahead to level 30 and by then it seems whether you win or lose is based purely on the luck of the draw. If the game decides to give you a bunch of pieces you have no immediate use for, the playfield fills up with junk and you're screwed. There's nothing you can do about it. If that's really the last level, that's a pretty discouraging way to end the game.